Here is a page representing my commercial art work. I work with traditional tools as well as digital. These pieces were done while I have been employed for the computer game, theme park, advertising and educational industries as well as personal projects but not limited to these. My intention here is to show mostly pieces that represent the variety of my skills for a broad sample to show you.

I am a children's book illustrator but some folks have called me a typographer, illustrator, designer, 3D game artist, texture artist, UI designer, art director, graphic artist, fashion designer, fashion illustrator, costumer, pattern maker, scenic painter, prop builder, creature builder, salad maker, dish washer and baker. Hardly any one has called me a musician yet...but I am working on that.

Please feel free to contact me for details pertaining to any of these works. Please do not reproduce/copy any of the works here... that would not only be rude...it very well could be illegal.

Thanks for looking,

~ Kelle